The First Opeongo Spotted in the Wild.

Five years ago the first person to post a comment on our web site was a user who called herself "Bluegrassgirl". She had some constructive suggestions (which we took under advisement) and then disappeared. We never heard from her again....until this summer when she resurfaced to pre-order an Opeongo. Her real name is Virginia Louise Dipierro. She's a professional musician working out of Montreal.

How (and why) We Name Our Guitars.

Occasionally (very occasionally) someone asks where we get the names for our various guitar models. More often they ask how to pronounce them. Here then, for all the inquiring minds filled with 'satiable curiosities are the definitive answers.

Names like Ian Tyson Limited Edition or Tom Rush Signature Dreadnought should be self explanatory.
There's a story behind the Tom Rush Naked Lady but we'll let Tom tell that one.

Opeongo, Dionisio and Tofino may need a bit more explaining – so here goes.

Where Your Guitar Money Goes

my week as a trainee in the guitar workshop

We recently received an email from an interested customer asking, among other things, where our guitars were made. We answered his question - just outside Guangzgou, China, but asked one of our own “Why is the country of origin of interest?” His reply - that he wanted to know where his money was going – made sense but the question he asked wasn't going to give him that information.

Here's the answer to his actual concern:

We're Required Study for University of Western Ontario - Introduction to Business Decision Making.

We've always thought the MacKenzie & Marr Guitars story - two childhood friends form a guitar company that turns the music business on its ear - would make a great mini series. We still do but as of this writing no studios have come calling. To our surprise we did get a call call from the Ivey School of Business at University on Western Ontario in London Ontario. They saw our rise to greatness (and perhaps our strong use of hyperbole) as an ideal case study for their Introduction to Business Decision Making course.

It's the Time of Year to Humidify Your Guitar.

First published October 2012 - republished October 2013

A New Owner Sings A Classic Ron Hynes Tune

When it comes to generous wives this country has few equals - if the number of MacKenzie & Marr Guitars purchased for anniversaries and birthdays is any indication. Here's a great video from a husband who received his new Ron Hynes Songwriter as a gift. Great studio and a great voice only slightly diminished by a very poor choice of cap. Thanks to Irene and Glen!

A Vermont Musician Shows Off His New Guitar

What a surprise to find this video on YouTube. We knew the McClain family was talented - didn't one of them thwart pretty much every known terrorist organization over the last couple of decades? but had no idea there was a musician in the clan. Thanks Joey!

Guerilla Seduced by Our Naked Lady

The headline evokes images of King Kong and Fay Wray but in this case the Guerilla is Ottawa's hip cultural zine ( and the Naked Lady is, of course our Tom Rush guitar. She's been building a pretty strong fan base so it was no surprise when Tony Martins, Geurilla's editor wrote to tell us he really liked the one he bought. What did surprise us was that he also wrote a review of the guitar. All we can say is WOW...what great validation.

What is your 7 day "Love It or Leave It" promise?

I'd love to try one of your guitars for a week if I can return it should it not be the one for me. Can I do that?

Our "Love It or Leave It" promise allows a potential owner to buy one of our guitars and try it for a week before committing to keeping it. Should the guitar not be perfect for you we'll happily take it questions asked (well, almost no questions...we value feedback so we would like to know why you didn't fall in love but if you choose not to share that with us we'll accept your decision).

John Marr Goes West to Visit Ian Tyson

Last fall the CBC Dragons Den crew followed John Marr as he traveled down to Longview Alberta to meet Ian Tyson and get his reaction to the just launched Ian Tyson Limited Edition. Watch it here. Dragons Den November 2011

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